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    • When you click on “Attack” on the Island of a player, you have two options: one is “Attack”, the other is “Siege”.
    • Using Siege will allow members of your alliance to join the siege which you’ve started in order to help you win this battle.
    • After you initiate a siege, your troops will head to the target island.
    • When they will arrive there, a timer of 5 minutes will start counting down to the beginning of the battle.
    • The members of your alliance will see a message in the chat stating that you’ve initiated a siege at these coords and if they click on attack they will see instead of siege the option “Join the siege”.
    • When the counter arrives to 0, the attack will take place. The attack will be using all the armies in a conjoined attack, affected by the boosts of the siege initiator.
    • Armies that did not arrive on time will not participate in the battle.
    • Like for reinforcements, people who joined the siege can see the details of their battle in the “Reports” dialog.

    Tips :

    • Plan your siege a few hours upfront, so you make sure that the members you want help from will be there on time.
    • While Joining the siege, speed up your troops if necessary to arrive on time.

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