Defending From Attacks

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    Peace Shield

    • It protects your city from scout, attacks and raids.
    • There are 4 kinds of peach shields: 1 Day, 3 Days, 5 Days and 30 Days. Shields are not stackable. It means that once a shield is up you cannot activate another one that will start shielding after this one ends.
      • You can find peace shield Items ( Tab: Military), you can buy them there or use those you received from the chest or other rewards.
      • You can attack the Fallen or monsters on the map with peace shields on.
      • While gathering from wells your troops located at the well are vulnerable, enemies can attack you there.
      • You will lose your shield if you attack or scout another player's island.


    • If you don't want to shield, make sure to empty your empire resources so you always have less than the amount protected by your cavern.
    • reinforce another member of your alliance that is shielded or send away your troops far away to attack a dead empire.

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