Attacking Other Cities

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    Dead Cities

    • On the map you have inactive cities - this is due to players quitting the game. They are the best way to get resources quickly. When you find some good ones - bookmark them.
    • You will be able to recognize dead cities by the fact that they are not shielded and generally don’t belong to any alliance.
    • Scout a dead city before you decide to attack it to be sure it’s worth it and that the player is really inactive.

    Active Cities

    Active empires on the map generally belong to alliances. From attacking other empires you will get:
    -Kills, send enemy troops to hospital for your statistics
    -Loot resources and eventually items
    -Xp points for your Archangel to level it up and get skill points

    • Don’t forget to Scout.
    • Don't forget to re-skill your Archangel for Attack and health and to activate attack boost.
    • Teleport or Shield after attacking so you will not be counter-attacked.

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