Attacking at a Well

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    If you want to make sure that you kill easily (even when it’s a player that is somewhat stronger than you), the best is to attack while the enemy is gathering from a well:

    • No seals to protect troops.
    • Troops will not get to the Healing Pool.
    • Often, a player will not send an entire army to a well.
    • Often a player will have small active boost because the Archangel will not be present and skills points will not be set for war.
    • A player can’t be reinforced at a well.
    • You can see that a player of another alliance is gathering from a well looking at the color of small flag under the well. Green is for when you/your allies are gathering from it, whereas red means an enemy is there.

    Before attacking the enemy on that well, don’t forget to:

    • Check profile and Might of the enemy
    • Send your Archangel with skills set for war
    • Activate attack boost
    • Send the maximum march size including some lower tier troops to serve as “meat”

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