Battling and XP

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    Battle Mechanism

    • The battle mechanism is based on might loss. Essentially Whoever lost the more might, is the loser. This being said, losing might that’s coming from seals does not count towards the win/loss calculations. i.e: Attacking a city which has only seals defending it, will make you lose the battle. Breaking a wall, but losing half of your army while doing it -- who is the winner? The wall, of course.
    • Not all troops die in a battle. It might take a few battles to reduce an army to zero troops (“to zero someone”).
    • When defeating players on their islands, you will be raiding resources. The amount of resources raided depends on the amount of troops you’ve sent to battle, their loot capacity and the enemy’s Cavern level.
    • Each troop has a base attack, base defense and base health:
      -Attack - Represents how strong your troop will hit other troops.
      -Defense - Represents how strong your troop will fight back when being hit by other troops (when attacked on your island/well).
      -Health - Represents how many hits your troop can absorb before dying.
    • Note: This means that when attacking - your troops’ defense is irrelevant for the battle. This also works the other way around - your troops’ attack is irrelevant when being attacked on your island/on a well .
    • Base Attack/Defense/Health Improvements
      -Skills point
      -Attack boost token
      -Bonus from buildings (Spirit Shrine, Embassy, Army Camp, Barracks, Tree of Life)

    Battle XP Mechanism

    The XP gained from a battle is being affected by the following channels:

    • Amount of might you’ve made your enemy lose.
      Note: Might lost by seals do count towards the XP calculations.

    • Gap of levels between the Archangels
      If you’ve defeated a player with an Archangel of a higher level, you will receive an XP bonus. If it’s the other way around - you’ll get an XP penalty.

    • The presence of the Archangels
      If the enemy’s Archangel wasn’t present in the time of battle - he will get no XP.

    • “Zero” your enemy
      If you zero your enemy, he will gain no XP.

    • The level of your Archangel Statue building
      The higher your Archangel Statue level is, the more XP you will gain from the battle.

    Don’t attack players before checking their might and scouting them. See also if their army is absent, or gathering . You may lose all your army if the enemy is stronger or reinforced.

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